Timber trade

ACA Timber is among the biggest independent Latvian companies dealing with inland and international timber trade. The annual turnover of ACA Timber exceeds 500,000 cubic metres

We buy and sell timber on both the Latvian and international markets by using the most efficient transportation methods.

Armands Apfelbaums, the company Head, has been working in the field of timber trade since 1993. During these year ACA Timber has expanded its operations on international markets.

At present the operations of ACA Timber are focused on timber trade and logistics. This means that we are able to provide all the stages of the production chain – starting from a felling area to the processing facility. We can offer profitable solutions for utilising sea, railway and road transportation.

The goal of ACA Timber is to help its customers in international logistics.

We are a small company, however, our highly qualified staff can offer custom-made solutions to both timber processing companies, forest owners and others operating in this industry.